Apr 07

Be Careful with What you Say on the Phone

As if corporate and multinational spying on your private conversations was not enough, yet another threat is evolving in the privacy business, which is the ready availability of listening devices which can eavesdrop not only on your phone conversations, but your private, face to face communications as well.

These devices can be as small as a postage stamp, and record your conversation with incredible digital clarity, from the other side of the globe. GSM Bug

It brings to mind the old adage, if you don’t have something nice to say….maybe it is best kept to yourself.

Jul 01

Increasing Your Cellular Coverage

Boost Your Cell Coverage

Mobile phones are notorious for loosing signals at the worst possible moment.  Weather you’re about to close a deal or set a date, when your communication is interrupted at the wrong moment the results can be infuriating.  Be sure to maintain a strong signal by using a cell phone signal booster.  These devices, also know as cell phone repeaters, act by essentially amplifying the signal so that you don’t have any more dropped calls.  They can also help improve data rates.  So make sure you’re calls are not dropped, and get your audio and video streams without choppy effects.  Visit http://thesignalrepeater.com/ for more information on these very useful telecom products.

Dec 18

Caller ID Spoofing with SpoofCard

Use SpoofCard to fake your caller ID

Spoofcard is a software tool that allows you to change the caller ID display on the phone of the person you are calling to anything you want.

You can place calls to your kids from Santa Claus, call your co-workers from ‘HR Department’, or many variations on prank calls.Phone Prank

The spoof card software is easy to use, and, like most software, there is an app for it!  Both iOS and Android versions are available.

There is even a voice changer, that can change your voice from male to female or female to male.

Overall, spoofcard is one neat way to pull a phone prank!

Try it free at spoofcall.org and find out if it is right for you.

May 25

Video Glass or Glasses

Video Glasses to Replace Cell Phones?

With all the press surrounding the new Google Glass, it has been said that they will quickly replace cell phones once they’ve evolved past acceptance (read: privacy issues).  There are plenty of high quality video glasses on the market now which are widely accepted, making a virtual ‘big screen’ affordable to the masses for video games and cinematic experiences. Big Screen Video Glasses

But the new gadget from Google will certainly change the market playing field because of the interactivity and future potential for either coexisting with or replacing cell phones altogether. We’re betting on 3 years max before the new glasses are a permanent fixture on more than the nerd crowd.

What is your opinion?

Try on a pair at http://iVideoglasses.com

Mar 09

The World of Cheap Cell Phones

Cheap Cell Phones are Thriving

The affordable cell phone market is seeing an incredible gain in attention lately as previously untapped markets are getting attention from telecom companies.  New customers in Asia and Africa are signing up for service in droves, as previously unavailable cellular phone services are offered to them.  Cheap Unlocked Cell pHones

The compliment to this new telecom market is an expanded market for inexpensive cell phones.  While communication is a priority for many families, owning the latest popular branded cell phone is not. Many smart cell phone manufacturers are well aware of this opportunity, and have begun offering fully featured, unbranded cell phones to to fill the needs of this market.

In some cases the phones are identical to their branded counterparts, with only a slight cosmetic difference or lack of the popular logo. In other instances the phones are stripped down versions of their popular counterparts. One company offering affordable cell phones globally is Phone Merchant, a leader in both retail and wholesale non branded phone sales.

While these phones are often frowned on by customers in developed markets, many budget conscious consumers in these markets are now discovering that they can obtain the same branded phone in an full featured, unlocked version, at a steeply discounted price.